Which Window Tint Is Best For Cars?

Which Window Tint Is Best For Cars?

Car window tins are a thin laminate film that is installed on the exterior or interior of glass surfaces. These films protect your cars from UV rays and improve glare. However, there are many options available when it comes to choosing window tint for your car, and a 3M car tint in Dubai is the best option. While factory tint is usually about 20%, you can increase or decrease the level of tint to suit your personal preference.

Metalized window tint

Among other benefits, metalized window tint makes the car windows more durable and resists scratches. It also blocks out harmful UV rays and strengthens the windshield. However, this type of window tint does have one major disadvantage – it interferes with cell phone reception and GPS signals. Therefore, people who drive often should choose a different type of tint.

Ceramic window tint

Ceramic window films are made of ceramic particles that help block out 96% of the sun’s harmful rays. This means that your car’s interior will remain cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. Ceramic window films are also very heat resistant, so you will not experience the haze that carbon films have.

Dyed window tint

Dyed window tint for cars is a great way to improve your car’s aesthetics and reduce your expenses. It can be installed in the middle layer of your windows. This type of tint is also the least expensive. However, it is less practical than other types. This type of tint contains dye, which helps block out heat from the sun and keeps your car’s interior cooler.

Ceramic window film

When it comes to protecting your car’s interior from harmful ultraviolet rays, ceramic window film is the best choice. Not only does it block 96% of UVA and UVB rays, but it also blocks glare and infrared rays. This is because ceramic contains particles that refract light in different directions.

Carbon window film

If you’re in the market for window film for your car, you might be wondering which type is best for your car. Carbon window film is infused with carbon particles, which block out UV and infrared rays. Its large carbon particles also block glare, which keeps your car’s interior cooler. Additionally, carbon window film won’t fade, unlike dyed films. One disadvantage to carbon window film is that it’s prone to oxidation. If this happens, the tint will start to fade faster.