4 Types Of Storage Facilities

4 Types Of Storage Facilities

Self storage is a vast industry that rents out specific storage units known as storage space to companies or individuals on a short-term basis. Self-storage facilities offer a variety of storage options to suit a variety of storage needs. These can include indoor, climate-controlled, and outdoor storage. Let’s explore the various types of storage and how they can help you make the most of your storage space. 


Self storage facilities come in many forms, from drive-up auto access to climate-controlled multi-story buildings. Self-storage companies rent storage units to individuals and businesses for various purposes. These spaces can be rented on a short-term or long-term basis. Generally, these tenants do not pay a deposit and can leave anytime. The self-storage industry has experienced robust growth, even amid the recent recession.

Climate controlled storage:

A climate-controlled storage facility will protect your items from extreme temperatures, which can damage wood, joints, and other sensitive items. Furthermore, extreme temperatures can cause rust and corrosion of electronics and appliances. The air in a climate-controlled storage facility is clean and fresh, which will preserve your valuables. A climate-controlled storage facility is an excellent option if you’re thinking of storing a large collection. 

Outdoor storage:

Consider an outdoor storage unit if you’re looking for a storage facility to store large items and vehicles. These facilities are accessible by car or truck and are built with large spaces for easy loading and unloading. You’ll find a variety of sizes and types, and some even offer drive-up access.

Outdoor storage units are usually larger than indoor storage units. The size of your outdoor storage unit will depend on the items you’re storing. These storage units can also be climate-controlled. This type of storage is great if you live in a humid climate.

Commercial storage:

There are four types of commercial storage facilities, all of which have unique benefits and features. Some provide full-service storage, a great benefit for business owners who don’t have the time or resources to move all of their items. Full-service facilities have professionals who can pick up and move your items and manage all the logistics for you. Some full-service storage facilities even have smartphone features to help you easily request your items. While these options can be expensive, they may not be necessary in all cases.