All about birthday cakes and their importance in the events

All about birthday cakes and their importance in the events

Cakes have become an important part of our lives whether it is someone’s birthday, wedding or anniversary. Cakes are a form of sweet food which is made of flour, sugar and other yummy ingredients. They can be of different flavors as of your choice like chocolate cakes, strawberry cakes, vanilla cakes etc. Cakes are now of different shapes of cartoon characters or even of different things like guitars, wedding couples, candles, cars and barbies.

Oldest form

The first birthday cakes were geburtstagskuchen. First birthday cakes are rumored to have made from Germany. And they were made for children to celebrate their birthdays but they were not exactly like the cakes we eat. They weren’t as yummy, sweet, cream coated cakes but they were much more like a plain bread with a rough texture.

Now whenever I go out finding a birthday cake near me, I would not take the plain one, of course.

How famous cakes are

As of the facts, in the UK, nearly £368 million is spent on cakes per year. That is nearly like £1 million pounds worth of cakes per day and remember we are just talking about the UK.

Cake business

People who do baking or own their own bakeries get so many benefits from cakes. People come to bakeries to order cakes of their own favorite flavors, shapes and make them decorated beautifully. It takes a lot of time decorating cakes but when you are ready then even you would not wait a second to take pictures and eat it.

Wedding cakes

Cakes are not just important for birthdays but also for weddings. These wedding cakes are served in so many weddings that it has now becoming sort of a tradition. This wedding cake is considered a symbol of sweetness and commitment between the marrying couple.

In the past, wedding cakes were served in the weddings as a gesture of good luck charm for the guests. But nowadays it is served as a centerpiece to the wedding couple and their close relatives, it is not always served to the guests.

You can bake a cake yourself or you can even order it from any bakery near you and you can order it online nowadays. If you are searching for a cake delivery near you or cake delivery in abu dhabi or Dubai, then it is not at all difficult nowadays because of its increasing need for the events.

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