Interesting facts about accounting

Interesting facts about accounting

We all know what is accounting but do we know its interesting facts? If no, then scroll down and read ten interesting and helpful facts about this field.

  1. The highest-paid jobs of accounting are available in the districts of Columbia. Stats says that Columbian accountants earn around $90,000. Besides, you can go to New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and Maryland.
  2. You can become certified accountant within two and half years but it depends on what degree and accounting school you have chosen.
  3. According to surveys, every seven accountants out of 10 accountants are satisfied with their job and profession. They are ready to select the profession again if they would be given a chance to select the profession again.
  4.  In the USA alone, more than 1.3 million positions were filled in offices by employing auditors and accountants in 2014. Most of the organizations and offices were manufacturing industries and government services.
  5. If you are becoming an accountant, then you don’t have to worry about career because stats say that the job opportunities will increase by 11 percent till 2024 because of globalization that result in economic expansion.
  6. Majority of the accountants like to solve problems in their work. They enjoy to learn to use new technologies, talk to other customers and clients and make recommendation in the team and to the clients.
  7. November 10 is the special date in accounting because International Accounting Day is celebrated on this date. The reason to celebrate accounting on 10 November is that the oldest accounting book was published on this date in 1494.
  8. California has jobs of accounting the most. It is followed by New York, Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas.
  9. If you are an accountant, you can work for any employer remotely. More than 2000 accountants work for FBI from their home secretly and silently.
  10. We all love Oscars and we wait to watch them as well. However, we can watch them on TV because of accountants only. The reports says that CPA’s accountants spend around 1700 hours to count ballots via hands for the event.

So these are ten interesting facts about accounting. Accounting is quite diverse field that gives you ground to explore how the world works. There are numerous accounting firms in Dubai where you can apply for job or you can contact tax consultants in Dubai to know about the field more and more

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